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Life the Journey- Lets take a minute to reflect

April 4, 2017

Life, it’s always nice to look back at the things that you’ve recorded over time as a way to measure just how far you’ve come. Wether it’s in the form of imagery, video or text, to have a reference of a point frozen in time is such a beautiful gift. 

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot recently and I can honestly say that I’ve missed writing. I was recently reading my birthday post and my thoughts on turning 26, along with my hopes and goals for the year, and looking back at it now I can truly say that I achieved everything I hoped for. I’m really proud of the adjustments I made in myself to become a better person who was able to live life in the present. 

Because of that I have definitely put a lot of pressure on myself and on life in general to make this year  even better, and to be honest, I wont say that its been a disappointment because that’s a really strong word, but it hasn’t been as joyus so far as I would of like it to have been. Saying that, it is still really early on in the year, and I’m hopeful that in 2018 I can re read this post, and have the same feelings that I had for my achievements and outlooks on life as I did with 2016. 

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Real Talk

Temperamental Feelings- Real Talk

So it’s been awhile…..  A lot of life has been happening over the past couple of weeks; good and bad. This month has been super busy and my commitments have suffered because of that. I feel like I’ve learnt a few life lessons and…

February 28, 2016
Real Talk

Nice to meet you 26; Happy Birthday to me

26 its nice to meet you! 25 you taught me a lot of lessons, I spent the year in search of things I thought I should already have in place; perfect career, brand new home, a family X Y and Z. I tried to…

February 14, 2016
Real Talk


(Main image via: Lisa Congdon) Strength, I’v come to realise that there are not enough words to articulate wholeheartedly what defines strength. Strength can only be defined by the individual who in that moment describes to you what strength is to them. Whether its…

January 31, 2016

Photography Edition- Gods Art Work

*So what do I mean by Gods art work? Let me explain. Today at 7.30am- natural body clock on the weekend when I’m not suddenly woken up at 5.15am during the working week, I proceeded to use the bathroom and on my way, I saw…

January 24, 2016

To be well Travelled- Seychelles Edition

I could sit and look back at these pictures for hours, my experience¬†of this wonderful country was absolutely breathtaking! The people, the food, the WEATHER, I mean what more could you ask for? A gruesome 14 hour flight and I was in paradise. Having…

January 19, 2016