Photography Edition- Gods Art Work

January 24, 2016

*So what do I mean by Gods art work? Let me explain. Today at 7.30am- natural body clock on the weekend when I’m not suddenly woken up at 5.15am during the working week, I proceeded to use the bathroom and on my way, I saw a bright strobe of light through the glass in my front door. Curious to what was going on outside I hurried back to my room to look out the window to see the same bright light in all its hues, orange lilac and blue but couldn’t locate a definite source ( obviously I knew it was the sunrise but I wanted to see more).

Following this strobe downstairs I excitedly open the front curtains and managed to see the most beautiful sunrise. The most captivating of colours displayed in the most calming way.

At this moment I felt peace, I felt love, I felt grateful that I was able to witness God’s art work just as it happened, and in that moment my worries that I had felt all week slowly melted away and I was back to feeling centered. I felt the stranger that I was all week start disappear and I began to remember who I am and what I loved again. It was a magical moment which I viewed and embraced in all its glory.

Photography. Specifically landscape photography. I enjoy you I get lost in you and I’m going to learn more about you. As I continue on the theme of goals, I wanted to draw attention to this particular subject. I’ve always felt very passionate about imagery (typical creative person) and over the years my love for photography has grown immensely, so I’m going to take this hobby up another level and really throw myself into the mechanics of my Nikon camera and get off auto (I’m embarrassed to say, don’t judge me but it does the job well). I aim to really experiment, and get out of comfort zone, seeing new places ( see post ‘To be well travelled’) and push my creativity to really achieve images Id be proud to blow up and place in my dream (soon to be a reality) home.

So today I share with you my personal sunset images taken whilst abroad in the Seychelles.

Thank you Lord for the small and quick but actually quite large reminder of the things that bring me genuine happiness.

Gods Art Work- Photography Edition

Gods Art Work- Photography Edition

Gods Art Work- Photography Edition

Gods Art Work- Photography Edition


*Post written on Sat 5th Dec 15

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