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Nice to meet you 26; Happy Birthday to me

February 14, 2016

Nice to meet you 26; Happy Birthday to me

26 its nice to meet you!

25 you taught me a lot of lessons, I spent the year in search of things I thought I should already have in place; perfect career, brand new home, a family X Y and Z. I tried to control every situation as in my mind I was following a map around the world and I had hot spots to hit at specific destinations that I lined up at specific times in my life, and on paper I was supposed to basically have everything by 25…….I blame society for the thirst of perfection, university for not preparing us for the real world and allowing us to live in la la land, to only be hit in the face with a Jimmy Choo fresh out of graduation (I studied fashion design, so you can understand my need to reference such a specific brand of shoes). 

Its been a difficult journey in many different aspects in search of an ideal that I can be happy and proud of, and I’m still not there. The difference now is that I’m finally starting to let go and let whatever is supposed to happen just happen. Those who know me personally will know how incredibly impatient I am (working on it). I’ve realised that you miss out on a lot when you don’t persevere and give up too easily on things which you would like to see come to pass just because you have this ridiculous timeline in your mind, and you freak out when certain milestones haven’t been reached yet.

26 for me is letting go, and I’ve already proven how amazing doing just that has been for me in my life so far over the last couple of months. I’m enjoying myself, worrying less, having fun, saying yes more often and not trying to force what I’ve been embedded to believe I should be or what I should have against a certain “age” in my life. I’m being more adventurous, coming out of my comfort zone and trusting in my journey whilst trusting in the path that God has put me on. 

Celebrating my birthday this weekend has been amazing. I’ve had so much fun with some of my favourite people (still have some beauties to see as the week progresses) and I couldn’t be happier with my new-found mentality, making it this far in my life healthy and surrounded by such love. 

A year ago the thought of turning 26 frightened me, it would make me anxious as I thought about how much I have yet to achieve and I would  be embarrassed to speak to new people and tell them my age against where I was in my life. Now I’m like who even cares?!!!

26 ( still look about 16 as I’m often told by strangers who are nosey) you are refreshing, no longer intimidating and I foresee great things. 

I’m excited…

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