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Life the Journey- Lets take a minute to reflect

April 4, 2017

Life, it’s always nice to look back at the things that you’ve recorded over time as a way to measure just how far you’ve come. Wether it’s in the form of imagery, video or text, to have a reference of a point frozen in time is such a beautiful gift. 

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot recently and I can honestly say that I’ve missed writing. I was recently reading my birthday post and my thoughts on turning 26, along with my hopes and goals for the year, and looking back at it now I can truly say that I achieved everything I hoped for. I’m really proud of the adjustments I made in myself to become a better person who was able to live life in the present. 

Because of that I have definitely put a lot of pressure on myself and on life in general to make this year  even better, and to be honest, I wont say that its been a disappointment because that’s a really strong word, but it hasn’t been as joyus so far as I would of like it to have been. Saying that, it is still really early on in the year, and I’m hopeful that in 2018 I can re read this post, and have the same feelings that I had for my achievements and outlooks on life as I did with 2016. 

I think the reason that I hold the year of 2016 to be so successful and happy is because I wholeheartedly learnt to let go! And I will hold up my hands and say that I have definelty reverted back to trying to control every given situation. I’m caring more about the opinions of those who should never matter, and I’m trying to be a perfect person for everyone around me; a massive NO for all three. Anxiety has been the only result of these issues and that’s never fun for anybody. I’ve realised this and thats the biggest step in making a positive change, and like I always say to better yourself is a process that you compete with alone. This is my journey and I have to learn to accept my pace, let go, and pat myself on the back for the accomplishments that I achieve everyday. 

I know it makes more sense to outline goals and hopes for the new year at the beginning of the new year, but I’m going to start today. As I’ve rewarded myself with a pause on life, I’m using this time to get my mind in order and just relax. I hope this year I’m able to live life in the moment as I did in 2016 having the most amount of fun, and achieve the goals I have in place where my career is concerned.

I’d like to move forward with other projects that I’m currently educating myself on which will make for a secure future for myself and family.  Really simple and achievable. It’s funny because just a moment ago, as I was writing out my goals, I was shocked with how simple and basic each one is. I almost tried to add to that list, things that really didn’t matter just for the sake of it.

Until next time Eves..



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